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Jeremy McKay - Fine Artist

Jeremy McKay

Jeremy McKay

San Diego, CA - United States

My goal and hope is to deliver not only the beauty that I see but the feeling. I hope the images I share here help you to reflect on days gone by not with regret but with a wistful hope. The hope and knowledge that the best is still to come.

I want to catch and immortalize one of a kind trees, sunrises, moon shots, horizons, and clouds. Instead of saying you should have seen this I want my photographs say 'In case you missed it, this is for you!' and I want my paintings to say this is what it felt like.

'It is in the banks of memory where oldness goes, but it is in the bursting sun at dawn where newness lies.
And since dawn arrives at different times all over the planet, newness—or wholeness—is always present.'

-- Margaret Stortz
Science of Mind Magazine January 2014




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